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Artificial Intelligence Will Assist (Not Replace) Content Marketers in 2023 And Beyond

With ChatGPT taking the world by storm and almost everyone talking about it’s insane productivity boosting benefits…

Incase you’ve been living under a rock and  don’t know what ChatGPT is…

Chat GPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence tool that was launched by a company named OpenAI in November, 2022 that is based on a complex machine learning model that is able to carry out natural language generation (NLG) tasks with such a high level of accuracy that the model can pass a Turing Test.

Here are a few of the many tasks that ChatGPT can fulfil:

  • Responding to user input in a conversational manner.
  • Providing answers to questions.
  • Completing a given text or a phrase.
  • Writing fiction and non-fiction content from prompts.
  • Producing humanlike chatbot responses.
  • Generating computer code.
  • Translating text from one language to another.
  • Performing calculations.
  • Generating text that summarizes data in tables and spreadsheets.

No doubt that an AI tool like Chat GPT is the future and has many benefits.

But, there is this fear in the minds of many content marketers and content writers…

If artificial intelligence will replace them.

So, after doing some research and thinking about this from multiple angles…

I decided to write this article to ease the minds of those who fear…

AI is not at a stage where it can compete with human intelligence,

since it is based on statistics and probabilistic models…

Let’s address it here.

Here are 3 reasons why AI will not replace writers & marketers.

1. These are not conscious machines:

They are statistical systems designed to predict the next word.

What it produces is impressive, but it can’t think for itself.

Making something meaningful still requires the human element.

However, there’s no doubt that both ideation and creativity can be enhanced with these tools.

2. Writing is the art of turning ideas or expressions into words:

We still need great ideas.

Even if a computer is developed with the writing level of a modern Shakespeare, we still have to direct it toward what we want it to write about.

In other words, there is still an element of human-machine interaction.

You need to direct the model to express what you intend to say.

Basically, you still need to supervise the AI system to produce the desired results.

3. We will always prefer to read what real people have written:

As humans, we have an intrinsic desire to follow, read and consume content from other humans—not from machines.

If machines can write like humans, human readers will find ways to authenticate human writers, because who wants to read an opinion piece by a bot?

Our preference to read from real people might make the writer an irreplaceable part of the process, regardless of technological barriers.

In my opinion, open Ai Tools like ChatGPT have truly great potential, but they need an operator – a marketing professional to align them with the overall vision of the brand or company and make them work for it.

Do you still think Artificial Intelligence will replace content writers/marketers?

Let me know in the comments below.

Vishal Dharamdas

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant with 10+ years of experience and my mission is to help small and medium-sized business owners create a magnetic social presence, build an engaged community and generate qualified leads for their business, with my proven content marketing strategies.

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