About Me

I am a Content Marketing Specialist with 11+ years of experience in the industry. Having worked with 250+ small and medium-sized businesses and professionals in India, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Africa and Dubai, across multiple industry verticals including Medical and Healthcare, Engineering, Education, Automotive, Hospitality, Tourism, FMCG and Ethically- Conscious brands. I have been instrumental in helping my clients not only create a magnetic social presence but also in increasing their business revenue using the power of content marketing and social media marketing.

Over the years, I have developed a dynamic and holistic approach towards content marketing and social media marketing enforcing my vision with the end goals: complete client satisfaction and business growth. I believe in not just helping you achieve your business goals but also in providing value for your business.

My sincerity and dedication in my work has been vetted by my previous clients and associations with various branding & digital marketing agencies. I have been instrumental in achieving new projects and effectively managing the processes to attain desired results for all my clients.

It is absolutely vital to keep up with the trends in this dynamic industry and adopt result-oriented strategies to grow your business on digital and social platforms. Fortunately, I confidently pronounce it as my FORTE.

My mission

To help 100,000 business owners scale their business growth by 10X with the power of content & social media marketing.

Vishal Dharamdas

Why work with me

Let’s explore the potential of your business together!