We have been working with Vishal for our social media and content marketing strategy for the last few months.

Vishal brings solid experience, especially working with start-ups and young companies. His emphasis on structure and process provides a good platform for implementing effective strategies on social media that yield results.

He approaches the whole engagement with a friendly demeanor and with the attitude of an insider, which makes brainstorming and ideation easier.

He also has a good understanding of the ecosystem of talent for building a strong team, which is very helpful for early stage companies.

Overall, Vishal has been quite an asset to our young team and we look forward to working with him, going forward as well.

Madhusudan Rajagopalan
CEO of Water & Light Applications India
The entire team at Lets Unbound had an exceptional experience working with Vishal Dharamdas. He was instrumental in not only shaping our Digital Marketing journey but also helping the team build the expertise to enhance the journey going forward.

Vishal is a meticulous professional who enables the right environment within the team through his processes thereby ensuring seamless execution of every plan ideated.

Forever open to feedback and suggestions, Vishal’s receptive attitude helps the team to positively turnaround every task assigned. During his association with Lets Unbound, he worked as an extended member of the team, as a mentor to the team. He is an asset any organization would be fortunate to have.

Team Lets Unbound
Kid's Online Learning Platform (India)
I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Vishal and his team, our trusted partners in establishing a robust social media presence for Aqua Miracle.

Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in creating a powerful online identity for our brand. From crafting compelling content to strategic planning across platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Vishal and his team have proven to be a valuable asset.

Their innovative approach, coupled with a deep understanding of the digital landscape, has significantly contributed to Aqua Miracle's success in the online realm. Vishal and his team consistently go above and beyond, ensuring that our social media strategy aligns seamlessly with our business objectives.

I wholeheartedly recommend Vishal and his team to anyone seeking a dynamic and results-driven digital marketing partner.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to Aqua Miracle's growth!

Ashu Gupta
Founder of Team Aqua Miracle (Enagic Kangen Water Business)
Working with Vishal is a real pleasure, every meeting is super efficient and productive giving us clear guidance on how to progress further and improve our Social Media & Online Presence.

He is helping us in structuring our content creating & marketing and best use of the vastness of content that we have, and get the most impact out of it and the results are very visible.

With his help we have improved our events' promotion & conversion results with the results of our Ad Campaigns.
Nikolina Dragojevic
Event Cordinator & Volunteer at Mohanji Foundation
I would highly recommend Mr. Vishal if you plan on expanding your business through social media.

He basically practices what he preaches and you can see that with the way he has developed his own profile, it is tidy and easy to understand.

After you hire his services he is a 100% invested in you and your venture. He himself makes it a point to schedule periodic consultations and comes up with valuable feedback and suggestions every single time.

He makes it a point as to maintain complete transparency with the client. Each and every online meeting of his is followed by a complete written summary of the meeting along with the points which need to be worked upon by him as well as the client. This summary is to be treated as a checklist making sure that all the related work gets completed at the correct time.

He has a great aptitude for problem solving and no query or difficulty of yours will go unanswered.

He is the right person if you wish to boost your venture be it a startup or something more established as he will not settle for anything less than the best!

Abhay Lohokare
Wedding Photographer | Founder of Pune Dusk Photography & Sets by Pune Dusk
Vishal is very pro-active when it comes to planning marketing campaigns & strategies. His holistic view on digital marketing has helped us create a strong brand presence & drive sales for our projects. When it comes to designs & creatives, his work speaks for itself. Once he commits to something, he ensures he delivers on time.
Prrem Kataria
Head of Marketing at Sanas Group
Vishal has provided us with a comprehensive, fast & a well planned digital marketing strategy which has yielded great results for us. With his exceptional work & knowledge of SEO & Social Media, our search engine rankings are better than ever before & we are getting more people contacting us than before & being engaged with us on all platforms. We highly recommend Vishal's service to all those who really are looking for creating a presence of their enterprise on digital platforms. Excellent services at affordable pricing. Go for it!
Nilesh Tejwani
Founder & Owner of New India Power Solutions
I would highly recommend Mr. Vishal if you are planning to increase your brand presence through various digital marketing strategies.

He did a efficient job in strategizing and implementing various ideas to increase our overall brand presence.

Thank you Vishal for your support and wish you all the best.
Pramod Bagde
Founder at iGuru Immigration and Learning
I find Vishal very approachable,always ready & efficient in anything he does, be it a strategy, idea, plan, design, he is always one step ahead, creative & pragmatic. He is always thinking from the end user's perspective when laying out a digital marketing plan. His knowledge & ttalent with things digital, shows how much he loves what he does.
Siddhanth Sanas
Director of Sanas Group
The digital world is new to me and Vishal has been absolutely wonderful with guiding the digital marketing strategy for my consultancy-based business in Singapore. The website & logo, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page look and feel; and the overall content strategy have been defined by him. More importantly, as I am a newbie in the digital world, Vishal has patiently guided me with everything from ground up and I wouldn't have gotten to where I am, without his support.
Yashna Harjani
Nutrition Strategist & Consultant
Founder of VeVeva Nutrition (Singapore)
Vishal and his team did great work for a new startup like ours in creating a total end to end solution for our digital marketing which included our branding aligned to our vision & developing an infrastructure to support our products & services; website, payment gateway, client funnel and social media marketing. Thank you Vishal & team for yourflexibility and creativity!!!
Sunil Chandiramani
Leadership Coach
Founder of NINE Leadership (Singapore)
Thank you Vishal for handling my page "Art of Eating Right" so well!! The way you work, your professionalism , your passion, your dedication has really helped me and my page grow. Your ideas are superb and have helped me gain more followers & clients on Instagram. I love the way you take so much interest and give a personal touch to everything.. Glad I got introduced to you and thank you always for the hard work you put in your work! Big Big thank You!
Twinkle Nihalani
Weight Loss Nutritionist
Founder of Art Of Eating Right (Dubai)

.I wanted to thank you for the lovely conversation I had with you the other day... for all the inputs and information you gave me regarding my Instagram page -Kgetskreative... for sharing with me the smallest of details on how to improvise my bio, how to add highlights, how to choose the correct hashtags, how to use different apps to present my writings and work and make it look more attractive and wonderful. There's a list I could go on and on...

I loved the way you kept encouraging me and complimented me for my hard work and felt I have the potential and I should use it to the best of my ability. But yes to sum it up I feel so much better and relieved after I spoke to you... and making those few changes... I feel my page looks better and slowly I am getting many more genuine followers who are also from the same field and we have started connecting through our posts.

You have amazing talent and you are so knowledgeable, the confidence and ease in which you speak is highly commendable. Keep up the great work you are doing and I'm glad we got connected through Instagram.

Kanchan Aidasani​
Writer & Poet (Dubai)​
Vishal Dharamdas made my work life a lot easier! I am quite competent at social media myself but I found that it took way more of my time than it should have and I needed to be focusing my energies on enhancing our product and serving our existing customers. Vishal took the burden of social media away from me. Our social media content strategy continued to flourish and we stayed consistent in our frequency of posting. It was very liberating!!
Puja Shah
Co-founder Namaste.fit

I had a consultation call with Vishal. Firstly, I would like to appreciate how punctual Vishal is. He called me on time with a good research done in my field.

Three things that I liked about him are: 1. The amount of clarity he provides. He will first ask enough questions to understand our background thoroughly and then guides appropriately. 2. He has an appreciative approach. He will appreciate and validate your efforts on your brand and give insights on how one can improve. This boosts one's confidence. 3. He has good knowledge of purposefully using various social media platforms and hence guided me well so as to use them effectively.

Thank you for your guidance and clarity Vishal.

Monica Narang
Experiential Designer
I am glad that I got an opportunity to speak to Vishal for a quick consultation call. Throughout the conversation I have gained some valuable insights from his vast experience in the field which helped me in being specific in my approach and revamp my thoughts in regards to digital marketing, freelancing and personal branding. We had a very friendly conversation and straight to the point. I would love to personally recommend Vishal for his sincere efforts as a subject matter expert.
Bharath Reddy
Digital Marketer
It's a pleasure to work with Vishal. His approach to work is refreshing - always looking at the bigger picture and thinks out of the box. It is a natural tendency to let him lead projects - he's thorough, thoughtful, and looks for smarter ways to get the job done. He has an eye for data, analytics, and takes decisions based on facts. A great resource if you are interested in achieving real results in business.
Desiree Silveira
Website Developer
Vishal is great with website optimisation and keeping digital platforms up to date with ever changing technologies.
Bhuvan Chowdhary
Founder at ColumnM
When I started using Vishal's suggested tips, they worked wonders for my instagram page: It went from averaging 5/6 follows per day with 50/60 likes per post but when I started using the recommended tips we went to averaging 20-25 followers per day & averaging 100+ likes per post.

What i liked most was that just after a few days of using these tips the majority of the posts started to make it onto the explore page & we have not looked back since. I cannot recommend Vishal Dharamdas enough. His tips have worked wonders for my social presence.
- Kuda Butawo
Ecommerce Fashion Store Owner
I've had many great opportunities to work with Vishal on various projects. Even though we haven't met in person; the communication and execution of work has always been seamless! I’m confident you won’t find anyone more professional or qualified to handle your social media campaigns and digital marketing.
Lindsay Megan Silveira
Creative Director & Graphic Designer
Vishal is simply an excellent digital marketing consultant. He is extremely professional and gets things done efficiently. In our discussions, I have always found Vishal very approachable. He listens to ideas and also thinks & plans ahead. It has been a pleasure working with Vishal and I highly recommend him for any digital marketing project.
Sakina Fakhruddin
Founder & CEO of Codinu (Naperville, Illinois)

Mr. Vishal has been an amazing consultant for me.

I've been confused for so long and out of no where decided to reach him out. He helped me understand my goals, showed me the path and reminded me about my priorities which is to get clients at this stage. He helped me regain my focus which I lost somewhere while trying to manage 3 platforms all at once.

Thank you so much, Vishal!